Accounts Receivable
We customize our Yardi Voyager® courses for your unique programs and permissions. Please contact us to purchase a customized course! This course covers Accounts Receivable functions in Yardi. Accounts Receivable
Create a Detail Charge Batch
Review an Open Charge Batch
Edit a Charge Batch
P7: Delete Unposted Charge Batches
P7: One Time Charges from Resident Record
P7: Reverse Charges
P7: Write-Off Charges
Adjust Post Lease Charge Function
Tax Credit/HOME/RD Manual Posting
Create a Detail Receipt Batch
Review an Open Receipt Batch
Edit a Receipt Batch
P7: Delete Unposted Receipt Batches
Post a Receipt Batch
P7: Reverse Receipt
P7: HAP Receipting
P7: Consolidated Receipting
Non-Resident Receipting
P7: Prepay Receipting
P7: Zero Receipting
P7 Topic Test: Accounts Receivable
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