TRACS Basics
This training is designed to provide participants with:
  • A basic understanding of the TRACS system including the Voucher/Tenant Queries in TRACS’ Subsystems
  • Best practice recommendations for transmitting certified tenant data and subsidy payment vouchers electronically to HUD
  • Basic skills for troubleshooting TRACS errors

Throughout this course, we will discuss:

  • An overview of TRACS as well as the MAT
  • MAT Record Format Requirements
  • MAT Record Types
  • MAT Error Messages
  • MAT Transmission Protocols
  • Recommended TRACS Monthly Workflow

The current version of TRACS is TRACS Release 2.0.2.D, which became mandatory on 03/01/2015

This training assumes participants are already using TRACS, meaning they have a WASS ID and can login to HUD’s TRACS subsystem

The TRACS System Overview and Purpose
The TRACS System Overview and Purpose
The MAT Overview and Purpose
Topic Test #1
Format Requirements for MAT Records and MAT Header Records
MAT Record Format Requirements
MAT Header Records
Topic Test #2
MAT Tenant Records
MAT Tenant Record Types – Part 1
MAT Tenant Record Types – Part 2
Topic Test #3
MAT Batch Trailer and MAT Voucher Records
MAT Batch Trailer Records
MAT Voucher Record Types
Topic Test #4
MAT Error Messages and MAT Transmission Protocols
MAT Error Messages – Part 1
MAT Error Messages – Part 2
MAT Transmission Protocols
Topic Test #5
Recommended Monthly Workflow to Maintain TRACS Compliance
Recommended TRACS Monthly Workflow
Annual Subscription