Yardi Voyager® 7S
We customize our Yardi Voyager® courses for your unique programs and permissions. Please contact us to purchase a customized course! In this course we will introduce you to the functionality and navigation of Yardi Voyager® 7S. This covers functionality using various modules including Affordable, Market, Accounting and Maintenance. Navigation
Dashboard Screen
P7: Voyager Toolbar
Left Side Menus
Dashboard Menu Groups
P7: Voyager Filters/Filter Results
Date Entry
Person Search
Topic Test: Navigation
P7: Add Guest
P7: Add Guest to an Affordable Waiting List
P7: Complete the 50059 Waiting List Record
P7: Complete the RD Waiting List Record
P7: Complete the Tax Credit Waiting List Record
P7: Edit Waiting List Preferences
P7: Add Guest Contacts
P7: Add Occupants
P7: Cancel a Guest
P7: Select Unit/Program Type
P7: Complete the Compliance Workflow
P7: Edit Family Member Information
P7: Edit Family Member Information (50059)
P7: Edit Family Member Information (RD)
P7: Edit Family Member Information (TC)
P7: Edit Income Information
P7: Edit Asset Information
P7: Edit Expense Information (50059 or RD)
P7: Generate Verification Letters
P7: Recording Verification Response Dates
P7: Add Correspondents
P7: Edit Correspondents
P7: Household Information (Tax Credit)
P7: Household Information (RD)
P7: Household Information (50059)
P7: Select Unit
P7: Validation
P7: Rentable Items Options
P7: Add a Concession
P7: Edit the Application Form
P7: Post Application Charges
P7: Cancel an Applicant
P7: Deny Applicant
P7: Approve an Applicant
P7: Execute a Lease
P7: Guest Topic Test
Move In
P7: Print the 50059, 3560-8 or TIC
P7: Enter Sign Dates on the 50059
P7: Enter sign Dates on the 3560-8
P7: Enter Date Completed
P7: Enter Date Completed (HOME)
P7: Generate Rent and HAP Quick Pre-Posting Report
P7: Remove an Applicant from the Waiting List
P7: Post the Move In (50059)
P7: Post the Move In (TC, RD, HOME)
P7: Cancel a Scheduled Move In
P7: Adjust the Scheduled Move In Date
P7: Move In Topic Test
P7: Process an IC (50059)
P7: Process an IR (TC)
P7: Process an IR (50059)
P7: Process an IC (TC/RD)
P7: Print the IR (50059)
P7: Print the IR (TC)
P7: Send Recertification Notices (50059)
P7: Send Recertification Notices (TC)
P7: Send Recertfication Notices (RD)
P7: Process an AR (59)
P7: Process an AR (TC)
P7: Process an AR (RD)
P7: Process an AR (HOME)
P7: Print an AR (50059)
P7: Print an AR (TC)
P7: Print an AR (RD)
P7: Print an AR (HOME)
P7: Process GR (50059)
P7: Process GR (RD)
P7: Adjust Lease End
P7: Renew Lease
P7: Month to Month
P7: Assign Rentable Items
P7: Recertification Renewal Topic Test
Unit Transfer
P7: Transfer Unit
Promote Roommate
P7: Unit Transfer Topic Test
Notice and Move Out
Notice and Move Out
P7: Notice
P7: Create TM Certification
P7: Create MO Certification (50059)
P7: Create MO Certification (RD)
P7: Adjust Move Out Date
P7: Move Out
P7: Evict
P7: Skip
P7: Post Deposit Accounting
P7: Notice and Move Out Topic Test
Add a Work Order
Assign a WO
Review Open WO
Change the Status of a WO
Cancel a WO
Complete a WO
Print a WO
Post a WO
Post WO Charges/Payables
Topic Test: Maintenance
Monthly Posting
P7: Generate the Monthly Pre-Posting Report
P7: Post Rent and HAP
P7: Update the HAP Month
P7: Add Repayment Agreements
P7: Post Repayment Agreements
P7: Miscellaneous Accounting Requests
Add Special Claim
P7: Unpaid Rent/Damages
P7: Rent-Up Vacancies
P7: Regular Vacancies
P7: Debt Service
P7: Printing the Special Claims Schedule
P7: Posting Special Claims Charges
P7: Create the TRACS Certification Files
P7: Create the TRACS Voucher File
P7: Print the Paper Voucher
P7: iMAX Send/Receive
P7: Process Rent Changes
P7: Process LIHTC/RD Monthly Posting
P7: Monthly Posting Topic Test
Accounts Receivable
Create a Detail Charge Batch
Review an Open Charge Batch
Edit a Charge Batch
P7: Delete Unposted Charge Batches
P7: One Time Charges from Resident Record
P7: Reverse Charges
P7: Write-Off Charges
Adjust Post Lease Charge Function
Tax Credit/HOME/RD Manual Posting
Create a Detail Receipt Batch
Review an Open Receipt Batch
Edit a Receipt Batch
P7: Delete Unposted Receipt Batches
Post a Receipt Batch
P7: Reverse Receipt
P7: HAP Receipting
P7: Consolidated Receipting
Non-Resident Receipting
P7: Prepay Receipting
P7: Zero Receipting
P7 Topic Test: Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Vendor Management
Adding Vendors
Review/Edit a Vendor
Adding a Payable Batch
P7: Editing a Payable Batch
Generating an Unposted Payables Batch Report
P7: Generating an Unposted Batch Report
Reviewing Payables
Reversing Payables
Posting a Payable Batch
Deleting a Payable Batch
Processing Payments
Commit Payments
Process Payments
AP Templates (Recurring Payables)
Adding an AP Template
Reviewing/Editing an AP Template
P7: Posting an AP Template
P7: Accounts Payable Topic Test
General Ledger
Journal Entries
P7: Adding Journal Entries Existing Batch
P7: Editing Deleting Individual Entries Batch
P7: Creating Journal Entry Batches
P7: Delete a JE Batch
Generate an Unposted JE Batch Report
P7: Posting Journal Entry Batch
Review Journal Entry
Unposting Journal Entry Batches
P7: Reversing Journal Entries
P7: Uploading Property Budgets
P7: Closing the Property
P7: Closing the Month
P7: Closing the Year
P7: Closing the Leasing Week
P7: Generating Residential Reports
P7: Financial Analytic Reports
Bank Reconciliation Reports
P7: Property Funds Report
Bank Reconcile History Report
Bank Rec Exception Report
Bank Reconcile
Bank Rec Adjustment
Bank Rec In-Progress Report
Check Book Maintenance
Bank Deposit Merge
Topic Test: General Ledger
Annual Subscription

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